best locations, boats and prices

Yacht / Boat booking

in Croatia there are 100 harbors and marinas with over 15,000 mooring places and more than 3000 vessels registered only for charter? We are here to find best locations, boats and prices from Umag to Dubrovnik.

maintenance services under favorable and attractive conditions


If you are a boat owner or a company that is always looking for a company or capable staff to maintain your sailboats and you find the prices for these services way over the top, we are here to do quality work

for travel and leisure or a boat transfer from one destination to another

Skipper service

With an experienced team from all branches in maritime and other travel and leisure fields, we are here to organize special group and individual programs and courses, matriculation events, tailored trips, adrenaline excursions…

Boat survey for boat owners

Boat Survey

With our connections and experience we can advise you the best ways to order and buy a new or used sailboat or any other kind of vessel, and help you as a mediator with quality surveys and administrative paper work.