The mission

Our company was founded thanks to the interest and ideas of some individuals – our desire was to get independent, to get closer to our goals by working in the fields that we all enjoy and to bring our services closer to the clients for attractive and affordable prices. Our main goal is to get a maximum efficiency and best service quality and this is why we are always looking for ways to spread our business with new ideas and projects. Through our outsource colleagues we are accepting all kinds of text to be translated between all the European languages and with a long list of experienced skippers in the Croatia, we offer a skipper service for any type of yacht.

With the ambition to spread our offer for travelers, between the accommodation in Croatia, now we are one of TRAVELSHOP partners and we can offer an accommodation in more than 200 000 hotels worldwide.

Translation services

We offer translations for the following languages: Croatian, Slovenian, English and French and through our associates for the rest of the European languages.

Prices are per card and they depend from the ordered number.

Trip adviser Croatia

With long and great experience in tourism, for our clients and web site visitors, we offer our trip advising services completely free of charge.

It could always happen that you have been so close to some sites that you would enjoy, but there was no one to tell you where to go. If you are traveling to Croatia just send us the information about the location and period of your stay and we will send you our suggestions.