For some people, after years in charter, it is quite easy to find what they are looking for, but for the first timers there are series of questions that should be answered. We will try to provide you with all the tips necessary to make your vacation more pleasant.

First of all, you will have to choose a period and the only issue about that, are the prices.

Some charters have up to seven price list’s depending of the season, setting the prices higher from the low to the high season. After you have decided when to use your vacation you will have to choose the boat. Same as with the season the boats have different range of prices, depending of it’s age, size and even manufacturer. The most common layouts for the charter sailboats are from 2-5 cabins, which could take from six to twelve passengers counting the extra places if you occupy saloon for sleeping as well.

It is important that you check the inventory list of a certain boat which you want to book, but anyway most of the boats are now equipped with all navigational instruments which are quite useful while sailing, such as autopilot, wind instrument, GPS and sonar.

You wont be able to see the boat condition until the time of your arrival and as the boats are in charter for years, some of them just can’t be in a perfect condition, but it also depends of the charters maintenance service, so our recommendation would be to take a newer boat especially if you are spending your vacation with your family. Considering the prices in accommodation industry it is more affordable to spent a vacation on a boat than to book a hotel for a larger group of people and a big plus of a sailing vacation is that you can change the place every day, sailing from one island to another, visiting unreachable bays and again moore somewhere for the rest of the day or a night to experience local life, culture and gastronomy. We will speak more about destinations and itineraries on our sailing advisor pages.

When you have all the details figured out, this is where we are coming in.

We can offer you several starting points according to preferred area and wide range of sailing yachts for you to consider. When you have decided, it is just formalities that are left to sort. After the booking confirmation, invoice and the charter contract are sent, giving you up to 7 days for down payment, which is always 50% of the reservation value and the remaining part should be paid between 30-45 days before the charter starts.

All the charters and all the sailing boats are insured for any damage from certain deductible amount up to a maximum value amount which sets the boat’s deposit value.

The client in all the cases needs to leave the security deposit which can be set from 750,00 EUR up to 3.000,00 EUR depending from the boat insured value. In case that everything is in order upon the check-out this value is cleared from your credit card. Some charters offer deposit insurance or non-refundable deposit, which can be valued from 150,00 EUR to 300,00 EUR and in this case no credit card authorisation is necessary for the regular deposit values.

There are all kinds of additional services or equipment which could be additionally hired or rented.

We offer excellent skipper, hostess, cook or guide service with professional and very experienced stuff. In case that you need any of our professionals it is welcomed if you take the boat with an extra cabin.


From the equipment it is advisable to rent an outboard engine for the tender (small rubber boat), because especially if you have more passengers on the boat it will save you time and energy instead that you oar whenever you drop an anchor or spend the night on a buoy. If you have small children on the boat, you might consider railing net. This is the net which stretches from stern to bow on port and starboard side of the boat. Some boats have additional fittings in the boat making it possible to use spinnaker or gennaker, but these sails are mostly important and used for regatta sailing and are not necessary for a vacation as you need an experienced crew to handle it.

This is shortly all the information regarding the booking procedure and how to choose your sailboat.

For all additional questions we would be happy to answer if you contact us on our company e-mail: