Once you have book a boat, a day will came when you will have to take it over and sail out. Upon arrival to any base, you will be welcomed by the charter stuff and all the necessary paperwork will be done, such as security deposit, official crew list and maybe payment for some extras. When you have done all the administrative work it is time to board your boat. When ever you are ready the member of charter stuff will join you for the check-in. All regular checks should be made as condition of the sail, check the hull for any damage,try the engine (move the boat forward and backwards to check the propeller), check the engine compartment (if there is any water or oil below the engine), check the oil level and coolant level, engine exhaust (if the sea water is coming out), check the water and fuel level in tanks, gas bottles and batteries (if the battery is starting to be quite hot it must be replaced, you will notice a bad smell as well in this case). All the equipment of the boat will be listed on the inventory list, which you will have to sign after the check in is done.

If you would take our advise, don’t make it difficult for the base stuff as they are doing their best to set you on your way as soon as possible, so friendly approach is advisable.

Especially during the top season weeks, probably all the boats are leaving the base and many people are waiting for the check-in. Some charters are strict and wont let you sail out before the contracted time (from 17:00), but in some charters, if the boat is prepared, they will make it easier for them by doing the check in as soon as possible. I would advise to check the arrival time to the base, if the early check in can be provided, because sitting all day in marina and waiting for the boat to get ready is not the best way to spend a day of your vacation.

So. lets say you are finally on your way. I would suggest when you arrive to the first bay, to dive down and check the underwater part of the hull. As I wouldn’t advise diving in marina, you can do it when you stop on an anchor for the first time. Charters do have divers that are checking the boats on weekly basis, with every return, but my advise is to check the hull for any damage and propeller that it’s not loose or with garbage around it.

Now when you have everything checked and secured, you can sail on to a perfect vacation.