Adriatic mostly offers the best sailing experience with really a lot of places to visit or stay. Our gastronomy offer is among the best in the world and on most of the islands you can taste autochthonous wine varieties with superb offer of fish or meat menus.

Isolated coves and bays are found everywhere you go and out of the main season you can find your own private paradise for a day brake and swimming and for the night to enjoy the beauty of historical places which are to be found on almost every island, but we will speak more about suggestions when we get to our itinerary suggestions.

Most of the sailors first want to know about all possible conditions on Adriatic and as we said that it is one of the best places for a sailing vacation, there are still some things that you have to be aware of. The climate situation can change quite fast. As Adriatic Sea is quite a closed type sea with Italy on west side and rocky mountains on Croatia east side, Alpes to the north and Otranto exit to Mediterranean on the South, all of this makes many influence about weather situation, sometimes from one day to another. Regarding this it is highly recommended to follow the weather forecast on a daily bases and to plan your trip according to the weather conditions, because why to spend the night on the exposed side jumping up and down the whole night and watching if the anchor will hold or even in marina safely moored but without comfort. As we repeat on our skipper trainings, planning is more than half of your experience, unless you are a hot headed storm chaser, in this case we wish you the best luck. Even in the quite summer parts of the season, storms could appear with wind gusts up to 70 kts, it is lucky that this storms dont last long, but there are way to be safe or to avoid them.

Before we discourage you, dont worry it is not so bad, so let us pass to another subject. As we said in the months from March till June and from October till November, you have the best sailing conditions on Adriatic, there are no crowds and I would say that you are able to get the best local experience before the season starts and all goes completely crazy. Most of the people as I see with a long experience are sailing in “convoys” following the same suggested itineraries making some parts of the islands and places overcrowded, but there are still some things that you can do to avoid this situations. If you go with a flow, you would have to arrive at certain place already around noon to get a mooring place otherwise your planning can end up that you cant stay at the city port or even some bay as it will get to crowded and from one day to another you will spend your time chasing to reach somewhere before the others do which wont make your vacation so relaxed.